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AWS Command Line Interface Tool Installation and Configuration


Azure Storage Replication Strategies.

In this article, we can see the holistic outline of azure storage replication strategiesAzure Storage Replica:-Microsoft Azure provides high availability and durability to all storage accounts by replicating the information stored in a storage account across different locations. This replication is transparent to the user/customers and is always performed. Therefore replication copies the information to different places in Azure’s infrastructure, ensuring that your data is protected against hardware or even datacenter failures. There are several types of Replication strategies:Locally redundant storage (LRS) The locally redundant storage strategy provides 99.999999999% (11 nines) of durability over a given year of our data. Using this strategy, data will be copied inside the same datacenter in different fault domains. Zone-redundant storage (ZRS)The zone-redundant storage strategy is to provide 99.9999999999% (12 nines) over a given year. Data is copied between different availability …

Azure Storage services and types storage accounts

Azure Storage services and types of storage accountsIn this article, we can see the Azure Storage Accounts Each and every process will have some kind of data. All most data needs to be stored in a place where we can access it.
Microsoft provides storage solutions for simple web apps to most complex ML & DL Apps. Every app need to store data in some way and apps hosted in azure are no exception but not all apps have the same needs for storing and managing information.
Microsoft Azure provides us with storage solutions based on our needs which we can go from unstructured data (such as Files, text, images, media logs), semi-structured data (XML, CSV, JSON, etc.,), and structured data (Relational database SQL in the table with rows and columns).
We can store & retrieve any amount of data at any time from anywhere. Azure Storage solutions feature:- Azure storage solutions are highly available, securable, durable, scalable, accessible, Manageable and redundant.
We can access this storage…

Jira Confluence Installation in Linux and Integrate with Jira Service desk

Jira Confluence Installation in Linux and Integrate with Jira Service desk
Jira confluence is a Document collaboration Software. It will help all teams to collaborate and share knowledge efficiently, users can create blogs and pages which can be commented and edited by all the members of a team in the Project. For example:- We can create a roadmap easily. We can also create notes containing a checklist, create a knowledge base and manage everything centrally. We can also attach files, like our excel planning and display it on a page for our convenience.
Confluence is also used as knowledge base, or wiki, that organizes and stores all of our information of the projects we can use it like, product requirements, or like minutes of meeting, marketing assets, design documents, etc. also we can easily integration with JIRA Service Desk. Hence, teams can create, collaborate and update their knowledge.
Prerequisites:- Download the atlassian-confluence-6.15.8-x64.bin file from the …

How to Create a Google Cloud trail Account

How to Create a Google Cloud trail Account:Go to
Log-in with the Gmail account and click Go to a console

Once you get a login to google cloud console you can see the alert activates the free trial Click the Activate

Click Upgrade to Free Trail Subscription

Now we would be redirected to a new page
Select the checkbox (Agree to continue)

Select which type of account we want to use (Individual or Business)

Select the Tax Information (Registered Individual or Unregistered Individual

Give the Name and Address details

Payment method gives the Card details and makes sure the other details and give START MY FREE TRAIL
Pre-requisites:- the card must be Master card and OTP Must enable card
If the card details already used means don’t use it will not work

We will get the POP-UP click Continue

Give the Security Code which behind the Master Debit/Credit Card and click Continue

If the details are correct we will get the OTP and verified after that will redirect to the Welcome Page of Google C…