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Docker for Beginners

In this article, we are going to see how to install docker in Redhat Enterprise Linux and learn some basic operations with docker commands.
This article will helpful for Beginners
What is docker? Docker is one of the most famous and commonly used Open Source containerization technology, this docker technology is used to build by some features of Linux kernel which Cgroups and namespaces, these features are used to isolate the containers between one another that’s why containers can run the more number of the process efficiently.
What is the image or images? let me explain the legacy operation to you to understand, what we do for operating system installation, we should download the image file of the operating system and then we do the installation. the same thing here also we do, if you want to run ubuntu, centos or any other Linux based OS environment and also you can download official predefined and installed application images like WordPress, Nginx, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB and run tha…

Road Map for Successful On-premises Data center Application Servers to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud and Azure

In this article, we are going to see a plan to migrate On-premises Datacenter Microsoft servers to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud and Azure. Today's world each and every organization is willing to migrate their datacenter to cloud, this article will help you to understand the procedure to migrate Microsoft application servers like Exchange, SFBO / Lync, Domain Controller, AD servers, One Drive, SharePoint to Microsoft cloud.Plan a road map to achieve migration successfully.1.To determine the Road Map To Achieve migration Goals 2.To determine the inventory of the current environment a.We need to prepare an inventory to list out, How many domains, branches, users, on-premises server versions, the client device is available in the organization 3.To fix any blockers if identified between environments a.Make sure if any blockers for migration, such as different versions and need to check compatibility issues between servers and client devices. Plan for Provision of O3651.Setup an Office 365 Te…